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Commercial Products & Solutions

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Window shades are a very underrated part of commercial establishments. Creating a safe and productive indoor environment at your business is always a high priority. All business owners are concerned with ensuring their employees and customers are treated well, but how many take the time to consider the impact natural light has? It can make the difference between a dark and dingy workplace where employees have to strain their eyes to see, and a bright, airy building which boosts productivity all year round.

Controlling Natural Light In The Workplace

How important is natural light for a business? It’s easy to neglect, but it should never be underestimated - people’s health depends on it. A building receiving plenty of natural light will feel open and productive, while one that doesn’t will quickly begin to feel dingy and dim. Beyond that, there are also specific problems that can be encountered if natural light isn’t properly controlled. That’s why ensuring you get the right set of blinds and/or shades is imperative.

Issues From Low Natural Light

Many businesses have their employees spend a lot of time looking at computer screens, which can end up with an increase in eye strain incidents if there’s not enough indoor lighting. Of course, you don’t want excess glare, which is where window shades come in handy. Poor lighting conditions can affect customers too. They may prefer to stay away from your business if they feel it’s not properly lit. Sometimes without knowing exactly why they don’t like spending time inside it.

Too Much Natural Light

Of course, you can have too much light, which also isn’t conducive to a productive work environment. Uncontrolled glare from the sun can be extremely annoying for employees and customers alike - it’s essential to have the right window coverings in place to control how much light enters each room. With the right set of blinds you’ll be able to easily control and adjust the amount of incoming sunlight, making it easier to sustain a pleasant work environment throughout the day.

Which Blinds and Shades Should You Choose?

Businesses can choose from any of dozens of different designs and materials when it comes to commercial window treatments. From faux wood to aluminum, there are options to suit every type of workplace from office spaces to clinics, restaurants and supermarkets. The type of covering option you chose, whether roller shades or mini Venetian blinds, for example, will also contribute to the interior décor of the commercial establishment. You’d be surprised how much weight window treatments carry when it comes to the look and feel of a room.

Blind and Shade Experts Near Your Workplace

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