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Patio Covers

Better Patio Covers – Motorized Canopies

Add outdoor shades to any exterior lounge. From pool deck shades sails to motorized patio covers. We offer a full range of options to all Simi Valley area properties. Arrange your free consultation to learn more.

Patio Covers

Outdoor Window Covers In Simi Valley

Just as important as keeping control over sunlight indoors, patio covers help ensure you have proper shade outdoors. For pool deck areas, courtyards, and even lawns and gardens, outdoor shades offer a lot. This is true both in terms of convenience as well as some decorative style. With o many colorful and patterned design options for patio shades and motorized pergola canopies, you can really add an aesthetic boost to your Simi Valley patio with attached or freestanding shades for outdoors. With custom sizes and designs, our patio shades offer a range of choices suitable for all sorts of needs.

Pop Up Canopy Tents For Patios

A popular option for its portability and simple but decorative looks pop up canopies for decks and patios provide adequate shade for multiple purposes. You can create small or big pavilions with freestanding pop up canopy tents in lawns and backyards. Much like the knights and Roman centurions of old who used canopy tents during campaigns, you can use these outdoor shade setups for your own efforts. Pop up canopy tents work great for social gatherings, BBQs, and other purposes. When you want to add shade to your Simi Valley patio or its surrounding area, a pop up canopy can offer a lot.

Pool Deck Shade Sails

You’re already near water, so you might as well feel like a pirate ship captain, right? With shade sails for patios and pool deck areas, you can stretch a canopy overhead to provide shade for all sorts of spots. You can even install shade sails over parts of the pool area. Spending time in the water is fun, but you’re constantly exposed to UV rays. Shade sails over the pool make for a great way to mitigate this. You can connect shade sails to polls or to corners of existing outdoor structures. This makes these affordable patio shade solutions very useful. And the price tag stays cheap!

Custom Motorized Patio Shades – Best In Simi Valley

Probably the most versatile and favorite solution for outdoor lounge areas, motorized patio shades earn their good popularity. You can control the covers of your deck, patio, or other outdoor structures with the push of a button. More than that, in fact. With motorized patio covers that use Wi-Fi connectivity, you can even use your phone. This excellent addition of remote control patio shades offers a major upgrade in multiple facets. You improve convenience, sure. But you also add to the décor. With different colors and designs, you can complement the hardscape design of the patio too. Whether for pergolas or pavilions, motorized patio shades offer excellent utility. You can enjoy a nice shade in the patio whenever you want. Simply push the button and the remote control covers will roll out.

Motorized Awnings, Patio Shades & More

Choose any type of covers for outdoor lounge areas you want and we can custom make them for you. With such a huge selection of patio shades and deck canopies, you can find something to perfectly fit your budget as well as for different purposes. Get in touch with our Simi Valley patio cover experts today and schedule a free consultation with no obligation!


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