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Often Asked Questions About Blinds & Shades

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Often Asked Questions About Blinds & Shades

This FAQ page contains commonly sought after information related to hand-drawn shades and motorized blinds, as well as other topics involving window coverings. Keep reading to see the questions and answers.

Can you see through cellular shades?

Cellular shades can provide both light control and blackout options. Shades made of sheer light filtering material will let through natural light while providing some privacy. Those made of blackout material will block out the light completely. The darker the fabric the darker the room will get. During the night, sheer light filtering shades will only provide some privacy as people from the outside will be able to see through the window if you have a light on inside, while you will only have limited view of the outside.

Do sheer shades come in different variations, like room darkening and blackout?

Sheer shades combine the soft look of shades with the functionality of blinds. They are usually made up of layers of fabric including a sheer layer with colored strips. Their special composition allows them to come in a range of options, from near transparent light filtering to room darkening and blackout, whereby the type of fabric used determines the level of darkness achieved. Most are designed as two shades in one, where the horizontal vanes are tilted either to filter the sunlight through or block it completely.

Are roman shades washable?

All roman shades should be dusted and vacuumed weekly to keep them in shape. Those that are made of washable fabric (not embroidered or brocade) can easily be washed at home while others can be dry cleaned professionally. Washing them includes removing the shades from the headrail and separating them from all dowels or metal rods. If you don't want to have to bother with this, or are afraid of accidentally damaging them, you can simply opt for professional shade cleaning. Cotton or polyblends can often (but not always!) be machine washed on delicate/cold cycle to prevent shrinkage and color loss. Once dry they can be restrung and hang back. Sheer roman shades must be hand washed.


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