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Useful Blinds Tips

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Useful Blinds Tips

Window treatments and coverings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From faux wood blinds with little to no maintenance at all to motorized roller shades that offer a cool and smooth way to control natural light. The best way to ensure maximum coverage is to make sure your custom made shades are made to fit precisely. If you’re looking for more useful tips and pieces of advice, then check out the suggestions below.

You can actually save money on energy with motorized blinds and shades

That may sound incongruous, but that really is true. Although automatic window coverings do use electricity to work (you can always get solar-powered ones as well), there are ways to make them more energy efficient. Setting a schedule for your blinds and shades will allow you to maximize your use of natural sunlight to brighten up your home and keep it nice and cozy. Self-adjusting shades are another great option for those who want to have their window coverings simply reposition themselves according to how bright it is or according to the indoor temperature.

For blackout conditions, opt for shades over blinds

With blinds, you've got a lot more variety in terms of controlling exactly how much sunlight gets through. The use of vanes allows for a lot more nuance. However, tiny gaps between the slats tend to lead to slivers of sunlight getting through during certain times a day. That's why, for true blackout conditions, shades are the preferred choice. All you need is to choose an opaque fabric and make sure your window coverings are custom made to cover the entire opening.

Don't neglect your window treatments

People often forget to clean their shades and blinds, which leads to a lot of accumulations of dust. Since this dust can start circulating through your home if left to pile on like that, you'll want to give your window coverings a little cleaning and dusting every so often. Our recommendation is to do this once a month or so. Some may prefer a more frequent rate. Remember, though, that unless you're sure the material won't be damaged by it, don't use cleaning products that involve moisture. You can use the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner carefully, but when it comes to more thorough cleaning you should consult with a professional.


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