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5 Big Advantages Of Motorized Blinds

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5 Big Advantages Of Motorized Blinds

Advantages Of Motorized Blinds | Simi Valley Window Shade, CA

Homes in Simi Valley can stand to benefit hugely from the modern innovation of smart window coverings. Many homeowners appreciate how convenient these systems can make life, but other benefits such as improved security and energy efficiency often pass them by. Here are our top five reasons why motorized blinds should be on your list of home improvements.

  1. Smart Home Integration

    Perhaps the most exciting aspect of motorized shades is how easily they can be integrated into a smart home system. Using your property’s WiFi, these systems can be controlled easily by your home’s digital assistant (such as Amazon’s Alexa) or directly from your smartphone. This means you can exercise total control over how your window coverings operate; have your blinds open automatically each morning when your alarm goes off, for instance.
  2. Improved Home Security

    Burglars look for homes that are obviously unoccupied, and a dead giveaway is blinds that stay shut all day (or open all night). Motorized blinds can be connected to timers and remote control systems that keep them moving throughout the day, giving the appearance of occupation and deterring would-be thieves.
  3. Energy Efficiency Improvements

    Sunlight can be a source of free heating for your home, but it’s hard to make the most of it - blinds require adjusting throughout the day to really reap the benefits of solar warmth. A combination of thermal and light sensors can be used to detect when the sun is shining and open the blinds automatically to take advantage. Savings on heating can be dramatic, helping you to cut back on your energy bills.
  4. Great Range Of Designs

    There’s no need to compromise on style when choosing motorized blinds. These systems come in a huge range of materials, styles and designs, giving you plenty of options to pick from. Whether you’re looking for smart and sophisticated or rustic and homely, it’s easy to find the perfect design for your home.
  5. Amazing Convenience At Home

    Old-fashioned motorized blinds were really more of a novelty once upon a time, but today’s modern innovation brings genuine convenience to your home. Available as both wired and wireless systems, with a huge range of control options from remotes to central control panels and smart integration, these units are a great addition to any home. Contact Simi Valley Window Shade for more information.

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